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Ind vs SL Head to Head

High Chances for Ind vs SL Head to Head: Betting Predictions for the Match of 12th Sept

That stunning evening of 2nd April 2011 in the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai would be a memorable evening in the history of International cricket. The tough fight of Ind vs SL, was just like a war. And the last helicopter shot of Mahendra Singh Dhoni astonished all the Indians with an ultimate level of Joy. From that memorable day, every Indians and Lankans waits for those types of nail-biting moments.Β 

That type of situation is going to be created again, on 12th September in R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo when the match of Ind vs SL will be inaugurated. The entire Asia is eagerly waiting for the India vs B1 match. Due to the performance and the net run rate of Sri Lanka, we can predict that they will play against India on 12th September. Now it will be a lucrative chance for punters to bet on the end result and on the individual players as well. Laser Book is the leading name nowadays for this type of quick online betting

Team Strengths and Weaknesses:

Batting Lineup:

For the preparation of Asia Cup 2023, both of the teams have a strong batting line up. India boasts a formidable batting lineup with players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Shubman Gill. In these names Shubman Gill is mostly important. In the match against Nepal, the companionship of Rohit Sharma and Shubman continuously created a strong batting line. Their consistency and ability to adapt to various formats make them a potent force.Β 

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has talented batsmen like Pathum Nissanka and Dimuth Karunaratne, Kusal Mendis, Sadeera Samarawickrama, but they need to be more consistent to challenge India’s strong bowling attack.

Bowling Attack:

In the Ind vs SL match of 12th September, the arrival of Jasprit Bumrah can change the bowling scenario of the team on a positive note. India’s bowling attack, led by Jasprit Bumrah and Ravichandran Ashwin, is known for its versatility and effectiveness. Sri Lanka’s bowlers, including Dushmantha Chameera and Wanindu Hasaranga, have shown promise, but they lack experience in Indian conditions. Therefore, there will be a tough situation about betting as both the teams have similar proficiencies. In this case, the punters need to look for the right odds.Β 

Fielding and Fitness:

India has historically been a superior fielding side, and their fitness levels are top-notch. Sri Lanka will need to match or surpass India in these departments to have a competitive edge. As per the previous matches, the performance of Indian fielding can be an ultimate danger for Sri Lanka in the upcoming SL vs Ind match.Β Β 

Recent Form:

Both teams’ recent form will play a crucial role. India’s performance in previous series, especially in home conditions, gives them an advantage. Sri Lanka will need to draw inspiration from their past successes and bring their A-game to the table.

Ind vs SL

Head-to-Head Statistics:

In the realm of one-day international (ODI) cricket, India and Sri Lanka have engaged in spirited contests on 165 occasions. Among these encounters, India has emerged victorious in 96, while Sri Lanka has secured 57 wins. Furthermore, eleven matches have concluded without a decisive outcome, and one game has culminated in a thrilling tie. Transitioning to the realm of Twenty20 (T20) cricket, the rivalry has seen 29 face-offs of India vs Sri Lanka, with India prevailing in 19 of these contests, while Sri Lanka has clinched victory in 9.Β 

Additionally, one T20 match reached a stalemate. These statistics underscore India’s substantial advantage in head-to-head encounters. In the most recent five T20 matches between the two sides, India has showcased its dominance by securing victory in all five.Β 

The rich history of this cricketing rivalry dates back to Sri Lanka’s inaugural official tour of India in 1982-83. During this tour, they faced off in three one-day internationals, with Sri Lanka on the losing side in all three encounters, but they managed to draw the inaugural Test match, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing history between the two nations. Therefore, the history clearly shows us that, Ind vs SL matches always becomes a tough fight.Β 


Matches Played

India Wins

Sri Lanka Wins

No Result













Last 5 T20 Matches



Additionally, a note on Sri Lanka’s first official tour of India in 1982-83:


One-Day Internationals

Test Matches

Sri Lanka’s Tour of India

3 (All won by India)

1 (Drew)

This table format provides a concise overview of the head-to-head statistics and historical matches between India and Sri Lanka in both ODI and T20 formats, as well as the outcome of their most recent T20 encounters. By looking into this record, it is pretty evident that it will be safer for the punters to bet on team India and Indian players on the 12 Sept’s Ind vs SL match. But before that, they have to create a betting ID. Laser Book is the leading name in this case.

Prediction for the Match:

Given India’s strong batting lineup, formidable bowling attack, and home advantage, they enter the match as the favorites. However, Sri Lanka is a team capable of upsets, and they have the talent to spring surprises. To make a prediction for the 12th September’s match of Asia Cup 2023, we’ll go with the odds and suggest that India is likely to win this match, but cricket’s unpredictable nature means anything can happen on the day. Therefore, punters should be inclined toward India for betting.Β 

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The Ind vs SL match on September 12th promises to be an exciting clash between two competitive teams. While India has the edge, Sri Lanka should not be underestimated. Cricket fans worldwide will be glued to their screens, hoping for an exhilarating contest that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Ultimately, in cricket, it’s not just about statistics but the passion, determination, and skill that players bring to the field, making every match a unique spectacle.


Q: When is the Ind vs SL match in Asia Cup 2023?

A: The Ind vs SL match is scheduled for September 12th, 2023.

Q: Who are the key players to watch in the India vs Sri Lanka match?

A: Key players include Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma for India, and Pathum Nissanka, Kusal Mendis for Sri Lanka.

Q: Where can I place bets on the Ind vs SL match?

A: You can place bets on the Ind vs SL match through Laser Book, a leading online betting platform.

Q: What are the historical head-to-head statistics between India and Sri Lanka?

A: India has won 96 out of 165 ODIs and 19 out of 29 T20 matches against Sri Lanka.

Q: What makes Laser Book a reliable betting platform?

A: Laser Book offers an easy ID process, 24/7 customer support, secure transactions, and access to various reputable betting sites.

Q: Can Sri Lanka upset India in the Asia Cup 2023 match?

A: While India is the favorite, Sri Lanka has the potential to spring surprises in cricket.

Q: Are there any special bonuses for new punters on Laser Book?

A: Yes, Laser Book offers lucrative welcome bonuses and exciting prizes for new punters.

Q: What should punters consider before betting on the match?

A: Punters should analyze team strengths, recent form, and odds before placing bets on the Ind vs SL match.