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Sports Betting in India

Sports Betting in India: Most Popular Sports on Top 5 Betting Sites

In recent years, sports betting has witnessed a significant surge in popularity across India. As a country with a passionate sports culture, Indians have found an exciting way to engage with their favourite sports by placing bets on various online betting platforms. This blog provides an overview of sports betting in India, highlights the top 5 betting sites, and delves into the most popular sports that captivate punters’ attention on these platforms.

Sports Betting in India: An Overview

Sports betting in India is a form of gambling where individuals predict the outcome of a sporting event and place wagers accordingly. While betting on sports has been prevalent for decades, the emergence of online betting platforms has revolutionized the way people engage with this activity. With convenient access to betting sites through smartphones and computers, sports enthusiasts can now place bets from the comfort of their homes.

Online sports betting in India is regulated by various state laws, and it’s essential for users to be aware of the legal status of betting in their region. Additionally, responsible gambling is encouraged, with strict age restrictions to prevent minors from participating in such activities.

Top 5 Betting Sites in India


Laser247 has emerged as one of the leading online betting platforms in India. The site offers a user-friendly interface, competitive odds, and a wide range of sports betting options. With a strong focus on cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing, Laser247 caters to the preferences of Indian sports enthusiasts.


11Xplay is another popular betting site in India that offers a diverse range of sports betting opportunities. With a sleek design and easy navigation, the platform allows users to bet on major sports events, including cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing. The site also provides attractive bonuses and promotions to enhance the betting experience.


Tigerexch247 stands out for its robust betting options and reliable services. The platform covers a wide array of sports, making it attractive to Indian punters interested in cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing. Tigerexch247’s user-friendly interface and secure payment methods contribute to its growing popularity. is a fast-growing online betting site known for its extensive coverage of sports events and competitive odds. Cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing enthusiasts can find an array of betting markets to explore. The site’s responsive design ensures smooth betting experiences on both desktop and mobile devices.


99exch is a reputable betting site that provides a comprehensive platform for sports betting in India. With a focus on cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing, 99exch offers attractive bonuses and regular promotions to keep users engaged. The site’s secure payment methods and responsive customer support contribute to its popularity.

How LaserBook Stands Out?Β 

LaserBook takes pride in being the biggest platform for providing online sports betting IDs in India. As the nation’s number one exchange, it has set a new standard in the industry by offering a 24Β·7 withdrawal facility, which ensures convenience and flexibility for its users. Let’s explore how LaserBook stands out and provides a genuinely unique sports betting experience.

Unmatched Convenience:

With LaserBook, users can access their online sports betting IDs anytime, anywhere, and have the freedom to withdraw funds at any hour of the day. This 24Β·7 withdrawal facility sets LaserBook apart from its competitors, allowing users to have complete control over their betting activities.

Global Liquidity:

LaserBook’s association with global liquidity ensures that users have access to a vast pool of betting opportunities. This allows Indian punters to participate in international events and explore a wide range of betting markets, increasing the excitement and potential winnings.

Best Industry Pricing:

When it comes to sports betting, odds and pricing play a crucial role. LaserBook prides itself on offering the best industry pricing, giving users the best possible value for their bets. Competitive odds mean that users stand a chance to win bigger payouts on successful wagers.

Single-Click Betting:

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of sports betting. LaserBook simplifies the betting process by providing a single-click betting option. This feature allows users to swiftly place bets without navigating through multiple screens, ensuring a seamless and efficient betting experience.

Trusted and Reliable:

LaserBook has earned the trust and confidence of its users through its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a secure platform and robust encryption technology, users can rest assured that their personal information and transactions are well-protected.

Extensive Sports Coverage:

As the leading platform for online sports betting IDs, LaserBook offers extensive coverage of popular sports, including cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing. This diverse range of sports allows users to bet on their favourite events and explore new betting opportunities.

A Gateway to Big Wins:

LaserBook presents an opportunity for punters to capitalize on their knowledge and prediction skills. By providing online sports betting IDs, LaserBook becomes a gateway for users to experience the thrill of sports betting on top betting sites, including Laser247, 11Xplay, Tigerexch247,, and 99exch. With the right strategy and informed betting decisions, users have the potential to win big.

Sports Betting in India

Popular Sports for Betting on These Sites


Cricket enjoys an unparalleled level of popularity in India, making it the most sought-after sport for betting. From domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL) to international competitions, cricket offers a plethora of betting opportunities, including match outcomes, top batsmen, top bowlers, and more.


Football has witnessed a remarkable surge in interest among Indian sports enthusiasts. With major international leagues like the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and FIFA World Cup, football betting has become an engaging experience on these betting sites.


As an indigenous sport, kabaddi holds a special place in the hearts of Indian sports fans. With the rise of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), kabaddi betting has gained considerable traction on these platforms.


Tennis appeals to a more niche audience in India, but it still has a dedicated following among sports punters. Betting on tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open, provides an exciting opportunity to predict match outcomes and player performances.

Horse Racing:

Horse racing has a long history of betting associations in India. Betting sites offer a wide range of markets for various horse racing events, and the thrill of predicting the winning horse entices many punters.

Why Choose These Sites for Sports Betting?Β 

Secure and Trustworthy:

These top 5 betting sites listed above are known for their reliability and secure betting environments. They employ state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect users’ data and transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure betting experience without any worries.

Diverse Betting Options:

These betting sites offer a diverse range of sports and betting markets, ensuring that users have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re a cricket fanatic or a football enthusiast, you’ll find a variety of betting opportunities to suit your preferences.

Competitive Odds:

Competitive odds are crucial for maximizing potential returns on successful bets. The top 5 betting sites consistently offer competitive odds, providing users with the best possible value for their wagers.

User-Friendly Interface:

A user-friendly and intuitive interface is crucial for a delightful betting experience. These sites prioritize ease of navigation, making it simple for both newcomers and seasoned punters to place bets effortlessly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Betting Site

Legal Compliance:

Ensure that the chosen betting site complies with the relevant laws and regulations in your region to avoid any legal issues.

Reputation and Reviews:

Look for reviews and feedback from other users to gauge the reputation and reliability of the betting site.

Sports Coverage:

Select a platform that offers a wide range of sports and betting markets to cater to your preferences.

Payment Options:

Check the available payment methods and ensure they are secure and convenient for your transactions.

Bonuses and Promotions:

Consider sites that offer attractive bonuses and promotions to enhance your betting experience.

Sports Betting in India


Sports betting in India has become a widespread and thrilling activity for sports enthusiasts. The availability of online betting platforms has revolutionized the way people engage with their favourite sports, offering convenience and excitement like never. The top 5 betting sites, including Laser247, 11Xplay, Tigerexch247,, and 99exch, have emerged as leaders in the industry, providing a diverse range of betting options and competitive odds. These platforms cover popular sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, and horse racing, offering punters a chance to capitalize on their knowledge and prediction skills. Additionally, LaserBook stands out as the biggest platform for providing online sports betting IDs, introducing unmatched convenience with its 24Γ—7 withdrawal facility and association with global liquidity. With secure and reliable services, these platforms present a gateway to big wins for responsible punters. As sports betting continues to grow in popularity, it’s essential for users to consider legal compliance, reputation, sports coverage, payment options, and bonuses while choosing a betting site. By following these factors and engaging responsibly, Indian sports enthusiasts can elevate their betting experiences and enjoy the excitement of sports betting to the fullest.