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Pak vs Ned World Cup 2023

In-Depth Analysis: Pak vs Ned Head-to-Head Stats for Betting

October is the month of festivals for the Indians. Being a cosmopolitan region, the people of India are closely related to the festivals in every season. But the October of 2023 is different as, along with the other festivals, India is going to welcome the cricket world cup in this month in their land. We all know the fact that cricket is like another religion for the Indians. Along with the dedicated lovers of cricket, the punters also engage with cricket to exaggerate the feeling of thrill for the matches.Β 

Today in this blog we will talk about the 2nd match of this year’s world cup of this year which is pak vs ned. The discussion will revolve around the chances of winnings and the best players to bet on. With this discussion, the relevance of Laser Book as the best ID provider of betting will also be included.

A Brief Discussion on the History of the Clashes between Two Teams

Before indulging into the betting journey in this world cup for the match of pak vs ned, it is important to look at some significant key points. One of the most important of them is the past history of the victory.Β 

Due to the emergence of the internet, a vast door of information and analysis have been opened in front of the punters. Now before placing betting son the pak vs ned world cup 2023 match, the punters should go through the past record of the clashes.Β 

Pakistan and the Netherlands have crossed paths on six occasions in the realm of One Day Internationals (ODIs), with Pakistan emerging victorious in all six encounters. This cricketing rivalry was inaugurated during the 1996 ODI World Cup. Their cricketing journey intertwined once more in the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy.

Additionally, the two teams have clashed in the fast-paced format of Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) on two occasions, with Pakistan prevailing in both contests. These T20 battles unfolded in the 2009 and 2022 editions of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cups.

Table 1: ODI Encounters Between Pakistan and the Netherlands

Total ODIs Played

Pakistan Wins

Netherlands Wins


No Result






Table 2: T20I Encounters Between Pakistan and the Netherlands

Total T20Is Played

Pakistan Wins

Netherlands Wins

No Result





As of September 2022, Pakistan had accumulated an extensive ODI record, participating in 945 matches. They showcased their prowess by securing victory in 498 matches while enduring 418 losses. Their journey also featured nine riveting ties and 20 matches that concluded without a definite outcome.

In contrast, the Netherlands, a relative newcomer in the ODI arena, had engaged in 114 ODI encounters. Their journey was marked by 39 victories, 69 defeats, one drawn match, and four contests with no definitive result. Therefore, as per the record, the punters should always be inclined to bet on the winning chances of Pakistan in pak vs ned match of 6th October. But in this case, punters need a dependable betting site to create an ID. Laser Book, can become the best choice for them.Β 

pak vs ned

Prediction on The Ability of the Key Players

The sporting spirit and the ability to make the entire team win is a big aspect in the international cricket matches. Therefore, the abilities of the players can become the key factors of placing a bet on the matches of 2023 odi world cup.Β 

The Comparison of the Captains

In the pak vs ned match of 6th October, the captains of the both teams will surely face a tough fight with each other. Scott Edwards is the captain of the Netherlands team, and he has just made his debut in 2018 in the Tri-national tournament against Ireland. In a match he made 123 from 92 balls which gave him a little fame in international cricket.Β 

On the other hand, Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, is a rising star of International cricket. He holds several remarkable records in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). He boasts the distinction of scoring the highest number of runs in a series by a captain with an impressive total of 1454 runs. Additionally, Babar Azam ranks fourth in terms of the highest career batting average in ODIs, standing at an outstanding 58.16. Furthermore, he has the remarkable achievement of hitting the most centuries in a single series, amassing six centuries in One-Day Internationals. Therefore, the punters should give extra care and seriousness while betting on Pakistan in the matches of icc one day world cup. But before this, log on to the site of Laser Book for choosing various betting options.Β 

Comparison of the Bowling Line up

Β In the match of pak vs ned, it is needed to discuss the bowling efficiency of both teams, as Pakistan has one of the most impactful bowlers in the international periphery. Although the Netherlands has the bowlers like Aryan Dutt, Kyle Klein, Logan Van Beek, Paul Van Meekeran, these bowlers are not so famous in international cricket. But it is well known for all the spectators that Pakistan always has stormy bowlers. Therefore, in this match of 6th October, punters should focus on the bowlers of Pakistan like Abrar Ahmed, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Afridi, Usama Mir. In this case, punters need a dynamic platform for betting. Laser Book, with a number of prestigious betting sites, can be considered as the dynamic platform for creating an ID.Β 

The Consideration of Weather and Pitch

The venue of the match is the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium of Hyderabad. The pitch of this stadium is highly balanced. It is good for the bowlers and batters as well. But in the beginning of the month of October in 2023, the high chances of rain is obvious in India. In this condition, The bowling line up of Pakistan will surely help them to win the match. The skillful players of Pakistan and their chances of swings in bowling in wet pitches, can give Pakistan the victory against the Netherlands.Β 

Therefore, the entire analysis written above is all about the stats, players’ abilities and the weather condition for the pak vs ned match. According to the analysis, there are high chances of the victory of Pakistan in this match. Thus, Punters need to log on to Laser Book and bet on the Pakistan team for this match from now.Β 

Laser Book and Seamless Online Betting !Β 

Laser Book has become immensely famous among the punters of India and the international sector. Along with providing best sites for betting in the various types of sports, Laser Book offers other gambling options with interesting casino games also. In this season of the world cup, if you want to place bets on the pak vs ned match, visit the site of Laser Book now. The process of creating an ID is very easy. First of all, the punters need to click on the WhatsApp number given on the homepage. After the consultation for the preferable site and transaction, the punters can get an ID for betting easily.Β 

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In the upcoming 2023 ICC One Day World Cup match between Pakistan and the Netherlands (pak vs ned), Pakistan boasts a strong historical record. Key players, including captain Babar Azam, and Pakistan’s formidable bowling lineup could secure a win, especially on balanced pitches. Laser Book offers a reliable platform for betting, making it a safe choice for punters seeking a seamless online betting experience. Place your bets now and enjoy the excitement of this highly anticipated match.


Q: When is the Pak vs. Ned World Cup 2023 match scheduled?

A: The match is scheduled for October 6th, 2023.

Q: How many times have Pakistan and the Netherlands faced each other in ODIs?

A: They have clashed six times in ODIs, with Pakistan winning all six encounters.

Q: Who are the captains of the Pakistan and Netherlands teams for this match?

A: Babar Azam leads Pakistan, while Scott Edwards captains the Netherlands.

Q: What is Babar Azam’s remarkable record in ODIs?

A: Babar Azam holds the record for the highest number of runs in a series by a captain and has an outstanding batting average of 58.16.

Q: Which bowlers should punters focus on in the Pak vs. Ned match?

A: Keep an eye on Pakistan’s impactful bowlers like Abrar Ahmed, Hris Rauf, Shaeen Afridi, and Usama Mir.

Q: Where will the match take place, and what is the pitch like?

A: The match will be held at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, known for its balanced pitch suitable for both bowlers and batsmen.

Q: How can punters create an ID for betting on Laser Book?

A: Visit Laser Book‘s website, contact their support via WhatsApp, and follow the easy steps for account creation and transactions.

Q: What makes Laser Book a popular choice among punters?

A: Laser Book offers a wide range of sports betting options, casino games, and a seamless online betting experience.

Q: What are the chances of Pakistan winning the Pak vs. Ned match according to the analysis?

A: The analysis suggests high chances of Pakistan winning this match.

Q: Why is October 2023 significant for cricket fans in India?

A: October 2023 marks the ICC One Day World Cup, a significant cricket event, and an exciting festival for cricket lovers in India.